What is the difference between a licence key and a username?

A licence key is a key which contains (4 x 4 =) 16 characters (e.g., ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP). It can be used to create a new main user account or to upgrade an existing main user account. The licence key is disposable and it can be activated only once. If you’ve received a licence key from us, it’s important you activate it before starting to play!


Your licence key can be activated here: www.10monkeys.com/us/mathWorldLicenseKey


Your username, together with a password, gives access to the Math World program. Teachers and students all have their own usernames.

With your username, you can log in to the Math World program here: www.10monkeys.com/us


A teacher logs in with a main username (e.g., numberrumble123456) and a personal password. A teacher receives the login info after activating a licence key, after a school purchase on our store, or after registration for a Number Rumble competition.

Usually a teacher creates a student username. A teacher can manage student accounts via his/her own user management, and is able to change a student’s password. A student username has two parts. The first part is an automatically created combination of characters (e.g., ABCD). Usually a teacher chooses the second part (e.g., student1). It’s important that a student uses his/her whole username (e.g., ABCDstudent1).

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