How do I get a free licence and start to use it?

To support kids’ distance learning we are offering schools a free 10Monkeys Math World licence until 30 June 2020. The free licence gives students access to the program on weekdays, between 07:00 and 14:00.


If your class participated in our Number Rumble 2020 math competition, your account will be automatically updated and your students can continue to use the program.


If you need more licences or did not participate in Number Rumble 2020, you can order your free licence here:


You can activate your licence key here:


Please note that the licence key is disposable and should be activated before you start playing. Student accounts under the licence key are not updated automatically. Time should also be added to existing student accounts to open the activities.

If you don’t have an account and you want to create a new account, please choose “Create a new account” when activating your licence key. As you do so, you will be asked to create a main username for yourself. With this username you can manage your student accounts, log in to the program, follow the progress of your students, and manage their accounts. After creating a main username, the teacher should create student usernames for all students. A student’s username gives access to the game only.

If you already have a main username for the Math World program, choose “Upgrade your account” when activating the licence key. You will be asked to enter the username you want to upgrade, and your contact info. Give your username (e.g., numberrumble123456) and your password.

The next time you log in to 10Monkeys Math World learning program, your account will be updated. You will find your new subscriptions in the user management. There you can choose the student accounts you wish to upgrade, and create new student accounts. Please make sure that your student accounts have time on them, i.e., the accounts are valid. When accounts are updated correctly, the valid play time can be seen on the student account info on the teacher’s user management.


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