How to get started?

1. Log in to Math World ( with the Main User account's login details that have been sent to your e-mail.

2. Create child accounts for your students from the User Management tool in the right sidebar.

3. Your students can now log in to Math World using the user details you have created for them. The students can log in from:

4. You can follow your students' progress with the Evaluation tool (you find it below the User Management in the right sidebar). 

5. Check your class positioning in the Hall of Fame on the campaign site. It will be updated every weekday during the evening.

6. The weekly prizes are drawn every Friday in the evening from among the most active classes during the week. Check your positioning on the campaign site.

7. At the end of the competition, the main prize will be drawn between the most active classes during the whole competition. Check your positioning on the campaign site.

You can find more info about the prizes and the rules on the campaign site.

Please note that students can only play on weekdays during school hours, from 7 AM to 2 PM, after which the students' user accounts will be automatically locked. The schools or parents can buy full access from the website, which gives unlimited access to the game. Only points collected in Math World between 7 am and 2 pm on weekdays will be added to the competition.



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